How to spot a casualty

Have you seen sheep chased - savaged - killed - by dogs?

Sheep and lambs are especially at risk on Dartmoor. Every year many deaths are reported and recorded.

Casualties are caused by:

  • Fast and thoughtless driving on moorland roads
  • Sheep chasing by dogs
  • Lambing - deaths result from unattended difficult births
  • Lambs picked up by the public - the ewe may later reject the lamb
  • Snow - reduces all available grazing and animals may also become trapped under drifts
  • Bogs & leats - may trap and drown animals unless rescue takes place
  • Animals entangled in wire and brambles or wedged between rocks may die unless helped
  • Fly-strike - resulting in an infestation of maggots likely to kill the victim unless necessary treatment is carried out
  • A sheep 'cast' on its back may not be able to regain its feet without assistance, and if unaided may die

Foal trapped by wire fence receiving assistance on Dartmoor

Foal entangled in wire fence being cut free on Dartmoor

Pony with hoof trapped in rocks

Pony with leg trapped in rocky outcrop on Dartmoor

Lamb in danger from dogs not on leads

Lamb in danger from dogs loose on Dartmoor

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