Our Campaigns

Road Traffic Accidents

Many accidents involving animals occur on the moorland roads, often due to excessive speed. In a joint initiative with the Dartmoor National Park, DLPS purchased 40 mph speed signs to warn drivers who exceed the speed limit. The signs also record important information about every passing vehicle.

Responsible dog walking

Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society has been involved with several initiatives to encourage responsible dog-walking on the commons so sheep and lambs are not chased, bitten and killed by dogs. DLPS is now helping to fund a Livestock Protection Officer.

Don't feed the ponies

Eye catching yellow signs with the Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society's name are erected each year by the Dartmoor National Park Authority warning the public not to feed the ponies. Giving ponies tit-bits attracts them to cars and to the roads where accidents are more likely to occur as a result.

Rubbish can kill a pony

Lawn mowings, hedge prunings and garden waste can be lethal.

Keep Dogs under Control

Use of reflective paint on Dartmoor ponies in an attempt to reduce road traffic acccidents 21 animals killed last year in next 2 miles

Kill a pony? Rubbish! But it can

Dumped garden waste is a serious problem on moorland and must be stopped in order to safeguard animals. We raise awareness of the dangers with leaflets and notices.

Reflective paint

Karla McKechnie, our Livestock Protection Officer, is trialling the use of reflective paint for high visibility of animals to motorists after dark.


We are working with specialist laboratories to analyse canine DNA profiles and establish a nationwide dog DNA register in our campaign against dog attacks on sheep.

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