How to report a casualty

Any member of the public or police can help - please call assistance quickly.

Payment for initial veterinary aid for injured moorland livestock is guaranteed by the Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society.

It is important to give the following details, where possible:

  • Type and colour of animal: ear tag numbers, ear notches and colour of paint marks on sheep; brand marks on ponies; ear tag numbers and ear notches on cattle.
  • What appears to be wrong: pain, collapsed, bleeding?
  • Location: clear directions are vital. Please give grid reference, if possible, and state whether the animal is visible from the road and whether it is mobile.
  • Can you stay to guide assistance? This is very helpful.
  • Your name, tel no & address. This could be vital for additional directions etc.

Warning - avoid handling a lamb (often only apparently deserted) as the ewe may reject it.

A Dartmoor pony lying injured by a busy moorland road

Any member of the public can report a casualty

Karla McKechnie

Karla is our Livestock Protection Officer and is on 24 hour emergency call.

She deals with incidents of sheep worrying, road traffic accident casualties and livestock in distress on Dartmoor.

Karla McKechnie's card

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